The future's coming towards us at a hundred miles an hour. Do you ever feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights? The oil's running out, the climate is changing, China's on the rise. Meanwhile we're left wondering how to act now. Is there something we should be doing? Is it ok to be doing nothing?

Thankfully, the powers that be have called a conference to discuss all this and make the big decisions for us. Futurology is the story of that conference. Futurology explores the big questions in a darkly comic show packed full of song, dance, ventriloquism and Suspect Culture's trademark theatrical style.

Direction: Graham Eatough
Dramaturgy:David Greig and Dan Rebellato
Design: Patrick Macklin and Ian Scott
Music: Nick Powell
Arrangements: Nick Powell and the band

With contributions from Suspect Culture's associate artists Renato Gabrielli, Mauricio Paroni de Castro, Andres Lima and Sergio Romano

Performers:Raphaelle Boitel (Lithuania), David Carr (Singapore), Angela de Castro (Patrice), Callum Cuthbertson (Trinidad), Robert Melling (Pianist), Robert Moss (Trombonist), Robert Owen (Drummer), Maria Victoria Di Pace (New Zealand), Jon Thorne (Double Bassist), Grant Smeaton (Mayor), Sharon Smith (Tobago) and Morag Stark (Protocol). Warren Speed, Edd Muir, Catriona Paterson (Futurologists)

Image: David Carr in Futurology| Photo © Douglas McBride