Susupect Culture

This is the website for Suspect Culture theatre company and the work it produced between 1993 and 2009. You can find information on the shows and people involved as well as education resources and contact info.


A darkly comic musical looking at the state of the planet and our seeming inability to effect meaningful change, Futurology was a co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland and Brighton Festival.


8000M was one of the hit shows of 2004 and turned Tramway's Brook wall into the North face of Lhotse in order to dramatise the experience of climbing the highest mountains in the world.


Devised with a group of young people from the James Shield Project, Gorbals, The Golden Ass tells the story of Lucius, a Brazilian storyteller and magician, lost in the city of Glasgow. A wild satirical tale about the effects of wealth and power on modern-day society.


The story of four friends whose present, past and future lives are delicately intertwined, Timeless was commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival and went on to win the Scotland on Sunday Critics Award.

Curated in conjunction with the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow Stage Fright was an exhibition that brought together a range of artists to explore connections between the nature of visual art and the nature of theatre.


Suspect Culture's first venture into the world of visual art Killing Time appeared at DCA and was an exciting fusion of performance, sculpture, installation and event involving a unique artistic collaboration with artist Graham Fagen.


Part play, part gig, One - Two... combined music from long term collaborator Nick Powell and his band OSKAR with devised performance and video to tell the story of what life might be like with your own personal soundtrack.


A contemporary staging of Voltaire's classic story, Candide 2000 was set in the bright world of the modern shopping centre and developed with groups of young people from the cities visited in Scotland and the north of England.


An exploration of identity and language set in the glossy world of international travel, Airport was developed with a range of artists and organisations across Spain and helped to cement the company's growing reputation.

A journey that explored the nature of grief and the power of music Static followed a young woman as she comes to terms with the loss of her husband. Fusing music, dialogue, sign language and audio description Static was a collaboration with Graeae Theatre Company and toured the UK for 11 weeks.


Inspired by the Adam Philips book Houdini's Box, The Escapologist followed a psychotherapist as he delves into the conscious and unconscious desires of his patients. The show featured live music from composer David Paul Jones and was a co-production with Tramway and the Drum Theatre Plymouth.


A poem for the theatre examining the sadness and absurdities of the state we're in today. Lament was a co-production with the Six Stages Festival in Toronto, Canada.


This story of two people who meet in a three star seaside hotel quietly and movingly unravelled the fabric of two ordinary lives. Mainstream performed around Scotland and on tour in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Prague.


Framed as a guided tour around the former East Berlin One Way Street explored the idea of personal history as geography. The show was Suspect Culture's first major success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, bringing the company to wider public attention and leading to our first international touring.

Missing examined the experience of those left behind when a loved one disappears without warning or explanation. Missing was the company's first venture into short film and was produced in collaboration with 55 Degrees.


A before-love-story set in a world of internet chatrooms, life-coaches and easyJet. A Different Language follows two single people, one Italian, one British, as they search for that one perfect person who will be their soulmate. Co-produced with the Tron Theatre in Glasgow and il Rossetti, Teatro Stabile del Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Trieste.


Casanova followed the travels of an internationally renowned artist curating the final exhibition of his illustrious career; an account of his life as the world's greatest lover. Raising questions about love, honesty and a life lived in the pursuit of pleasure, Casanova was an uncompromising examination of contemporary sex and morality.


The culmination of eleven workshop sessions with young people from all over Glasgow, Local dealt with young people's relationships with the city through their aspirations and fears for the future.


Suspect Culture emerged out of Bristol University in the mid 1990s. Find out more about the company's earliest productions here.