Missing examines the experience of those left behind when a loved one disappears without warning or explanation.

It follows Rachel through a day in her life without Paul, her husband who’s been missing for 8 years. We see her trying to come to terms with the insurmountable fact of not knowing; why he left, where he is, and if he’s ever coming back. Missing explores the painful imaginings that fill this vacuum and the stories we tell ourselves when we just don’t know.

Missing premiered at the Edinbugh International Film Festival in 2007.

Direction and Text: Graham Eatough  
Producer: Kat Calton   
Director of Photography: Oliver Cheesman   
Art Director : Amanda Currie   
Music: Nick Powell   

Performers: Barbara Rafferty, Vincent Friell,Callum Cuthbertson, Charles Donnelly, Morag Stark, Marion Sangster, Caroline McKeller, Ian Sexon

Image: Vincent Friell in Missing | Photo © 55 Degrees 2009