7 Reasons To Use A Top Vaporizer For Weed

Although I have been a big marijuana fan since 2006, I didn’t start getting into vaporizing weed until this year. I don’t really know why it took me so long to get on the bandwagon. I guess because I was so used to smoking weed so I didn’t think about buying a vaporizer. However, at this point, I will never go back to my old ways. The benefits of vaporizing over smoking cigarettes have been documented very well, and although smoking weed isn’t as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, there are several other reasons why even very occasional stoners should think about switching over to vaporizing instead of smoking weed.

Vaporizing weed is better for your overall health, and also can improve your public consumption. Discreet in appearance and smell, yet with a strong effect and taste, some of the best vaporizers http://vaporizerstar.com/ even let you blaze without anyone else even knowing about it, so you won’t have to be that girl (although at times I do really love being that girl). Although there might be a small initial investment when purchasing a high-quality vape pen, making that switch – particularly if you have been rolling joints – in the long run, will save you lots of money.

So if you happen to live in a state the there is an abundant amount of bud (um where it is legal), then the following are reasons why you will definitely want to consider switching over to vaping from smoking.

1. In The Long Run, It Is Better For Your Overall Health

Although many pro-marijuana advocates cite the study that states that it has not been proven that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer (and may even help to prevent it) smoking anything is truthfully not good for your health.

As explained by Truth on Pot, combustion of marijuana does produce tar and several known carcinogens, which may result in chronic bronchitis and irritate the lungs. Vaporizers were designed mainly to overcome this problem. Marijuana is heated at a lower temperature compared to combustion, these devices produce a vapor that is inhalable. It still contains cannabinoids, which are marijuana’s active medical ingredients, but without any harmful by-products.

It is said that vaporizing cannabis removes about 95 percent of inhaled smoke. In addition, it has been suggested that vaporizing increases the anti-inflammatory terpenoids yield that protects your lungs from getting irritated.

2. In The Immediate

Due to the smoking not being that great for you, I have noticed that I feel much better when I am using a vape. When I had felt a slight shortness of breath after I smoked, I used to just think that it was a strange form of anxiety or paranoia, but it turns out that it probably was holding smoking within my lungs.

So yes, vaping is most likely better for you than smoking. Vaping feels a lot cleaner, and whatever physical hangover I may feel from smoking (and granted it was minimal to start with) and using a vapor has now been practically eliminated.

3. It Is Discreet

Although some portable vapes still emit a noticeable smell and vapor, generally speaking, vaporizer pens, and their appearance are a lot more discreet compared to smoking a one-hitter or joint in public. There is still the smell of weed, however, it doesn’t make as much of a cloud or fuss. If your vape pen uses wax or oil, then you really will be faced with an undercover situation! (At concerts that can come in very handy.)

I recommend the Grasshopper Vape if buying wax is easily accessible in the state where you live, The Happy Cig ($79.99) if you would like a vape for flowers or the Pax 2 (which is the Cadillac of vapes but does cost $279).

4. You Will Be Able To Taste The Flavor Notes And Much More

Although some individuals claim that vaporized weed has the taste of burnt popcorn (I guess after you have burnt it to a crisp?), I have noticed that when I use a vape I can really taste marijuana’s flavor notes much more. Probably because I don’t burn the weed into a carcinogen crisp, and it simply tastes much yummier clearer and cleaner.

5. It Is A Lot More Cost-Effective

As I said previously, although there is an initial investment to some vapes (although there are also some that will only cost you around $40), over the long run vaping will save you money, since to get as high you won’t have to burn as much of it.

As explained by Truth On Pot, a collaborative study that was conducted by MAPS and California NORML found that vapors convert 45 percent of the available THC into vapor, compared to the average marijuana joint converting under 25 percent of THC. Also, vaporizers were ranked by patients as the most efficient marijuana intake method – which required lower doses compared to tea, edibles, and smoking. The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published the study’s findings.

If you would like to save even more money, according to the book Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook For Women, your leftovers (or “Duff) can be used for cooking some edibles. You will need to have two times the amount of duff in order to make the recipe just as strong, and it will not taste as good, but it won’t leave any trace.

6. There Is Some Very Cute Merchandise Available

There are so many cute vape pens for you to choose from. They are available in all different sizes and shapes. The Juul Vapor is one of my favorite vape pens. What is even better is that are the majority of them can be recharged using a USB. So you can feel all high-tech and stop having to worry about finding a lighter.

7. It Gets You Very High

Of course, that is the whole point of it all. Although you might think you will have to take more puffs and at the beginning of your high it may seem to be slightly more delayed when using a vape pen, I have noticed that their effects tend to pack a very powerful punch.

That is double true if you invest into a very high-quality vaporizer bong, such as the cool-looking and incredibly effective Vape Exhale Cloud Evo. The Davinci IQ is great if you would like to have something more portable and packs a powerful punch.

You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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